Theron Haskar is the ruling prince of Cordell and Heir of the crown, inheriting it soon after the death of his father, King Noam Haskar.


Prince Theron is half Cordellian and half Ventrallian. He is a good fighter but enjoys art and literature just as much.

One of its qualities is its frankness, which begins to be obstructed with the mastery of King Angra manipulates him with the Decay.


Theron has dark blond hair, drawn to the brown, while his eyes are totally brown. It has a soft skin and stubble on the chin.

Snow like AshesEdit

Theron first meets Meira in the library of his castle where she discovers a poem he wrote before the Ball where it is announced they have been betrothed.

Over time, he and Meira begin to approach and gradually fall in love, forming a love triangle with Mather.